Currently accepting orders through Wed. 10/5/22 at 3 PM.

ALL ORDERS DUE BY 3 PM ON WEDNESDAY, October 5, 2022 & MUST BE PICKED UP ON THURSDAY (10/6), FRIDAY (10/7), or SATURDAY (10/8) at Nel's Bi-Lo Market in Pocatello. (see bottom of page for more info about picking up).

  • (T) Traditional Family Meals

    SERVES 4 | Requires Preparation

    Full range of Family Friendly meals. These meals have healthy options, but do not follow any particular diet. You will find a lot of variety here.

    Go to (T) Traditional Family Meals 
  • (H) Healthier Options

    SERVES 4 | Requires Preparation

    Looking for Keto/Low-Carb Meals, this is the place. These meals will follow those diets, or be very easily modifiable to conform to those requirements.

    Go to (H) Healthier Options 
  • (G) Grab and Go Meals for 2

    SERVES 2 | Fully Prepared - Heat & Eat!

    These meals are great for those on the go, or people who are looking for an easy fully prepared option to their meal planning. Some meals require baking.

    Go to (G) Grab and Go Meals for 2 
  • (E) Extras

    Platters, Deli Salads, Bakery Items, Cheesy Potatoes, and just so much goodness. Don't forget to add the extras to your box.

    Go to (E) Extras 
  • (B) Breakfasts

    SERVES 4 | Requires Preparation

    Don't stop with just dinner. We have you covered for breakfast, too. From quick breakfasts, to overnight favorites.

    Go to (B) Breakfasts 
  • See it all

    Not sure where to start? You can see all the meals available in one place (except Extras).

    Click here to see Every Meal Available this week 
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