Baked Good Platters

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Breakfast Pastries & Berries: Flaky croissants, bite-sized strudels and tasty mini muffins surround fresh strawberries.

Loaf Cake & Berries: Soft, fresh sliced blueberry, lemon, banana and poppy loaf cake surrounding fresh grapes and berries.

Mini Muffins & Berries: Soft, bite-size banana nut, chocolate chip, blueberry and lemon poppy seed mini muffins with fresh berries.

Brownie Bites: Irresistible chocolatey bite-size brownies are perfect for any party.

Cheese Cake: Assorted rich creamy cheesecake wedges piled with fresh fruit.

Fudge Squares: Delicious assorted gourmet fudge squares will satisfy your guests sweet tooth.

Cookie Tray: Fresh-baked cookies like mom used to make. Perfect for home, office or school functions.

Cupcake Tray: Fun and festive. Choose your favorites to create a perfect treat for any party.

Donut Holes: A perfect party addition for donut lovers everywhere.

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