Local Items

We are local grocers, and we carry many local items. Here are just a few:

Cloverleaf Milk
Don Julio Tortillas
Don Julio Tortilla Chips
Harpers Bread
Paradise A2 Dairy Raw Milk
Windmill Farms Grain & Garden Jams And Salsas
Little Pauls Organic Eggs
Cache Valley Cheese
Food Club Milk Products
Food Club Cottage Cheese
Food Club Sour Cream
Food Club Eggs
Falls Brand Wieners, Sausage, Bacon
Seasonal Produce
Farrs Ice Cream
Fatboy Ice Cream Products
Premium Ice Cream Bars
Jackson Hole Soda
Howies Rootbeer
Bills Beans- Gourmet Coffee And Tea
Leapknot Roasters
Rocky Mountain Honey
Chobani Yogurt
Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Berries
Zacca Hummus
Kodiak Cakes